Monday, 10 May 2010

May Music Preview

May is always a busy time for Manchester’s gigging circuit, so without hesitation, here’s your guide for the month:

FutureSonic / FutureEverything / FutureWhatever is back and oh how we are so very grateful. Highlights include Konono No.1, Omar Souleyman, Kyle Hall and Ryoji Ikeda. Also, the Boomkat boys are doing something, but you’ll have to see the listings to find out what.

Easter’s just passed but this shouldn’t stop you going to Church once in a while. Especially when Sacred Trinity has the electric Tim Hecker and the lesser known LevILoW playing two separate dates. Neither will get you out of going on Sunday (if you’re that way inclined) but still, necessary trips.

Promoter of the month award goes to WOTGODFORGOT as Grails, Faust and Scout Niblett will all be playing at The Ruby Lounge. If anyone thinks Faust are past it last year’s LP would easily silence the sceptics. Scout Niblett’s show made me weep with joy a few years ago, so I’ll have a pocket pack of man-size tissues with me. If you need any I’ll be at the back, in a corner, surrounded by empty gin martini glasses. If old men or crying isn’t your bag, then head to Grails.

After such an extended hiatus, Band on the Wall continues its renaissance with a collaborative performance from Hauschka, James Blackshaw and Nancy Elizabeth. Looks like it’ll be worth the entry fee. I’ve no idea what it’ll sound like but, chances are, something special.

From this month’s featured artists [NB: see posts over the next couple of weeks], WU LYF should be playing at An Outlet on the last saturday of the month but check first via their blog. Also Folk on a Train run regular events so search their website for upcoming dates. They’re both cheap as chips (a pound for the former, donations for the latter) so you’ve no excuse, even if you’re saving up for your jollies. Me? Well I’m spending the summer with my nose buried in flyers so that you don’t have to. It’s not pretty, what with all the papercuts I resemble an A&R executive shovelling the last supply of mephedrone in the vein hope of being down with the kids. Which by comparison makes my job relatively attractive. Plus, the novelty plasters offer some sweet relief.

Regular purveyors of good sounds, buzz bands and obscure heroines/heroes Pineapple Folk have got the excellent Phosphorescent on at The Deaf Institute. Also at the indie end of the scale, DottoDot festival comes to town for the first time. I’m always sceptical as to how so many bands can be on a bill with a comparatively nominal door charge, but with Liars, Beach House and the (overly?) hyped Washed Out on the bill I’m willing to suspend my disbelief. There are other bands on the bill, but none of them are any good.

Finally, Rihanna and Black Eyed Peas are at the Arena. They’re both amazing live and are worth having a look on ebay for. Neither need explanation nor require justification.

Note: If you’re a promoter and would like to be next month’s winner of Fairtrade coffee and a pack of Maryland cookies please send us info of your events to

Words: Samuel Breen

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