Thursday, 28 April 2011

Warehouse Project presents: Ape vs Metropolis, Friday 22nd April 2011

As Easter rolls around again and the Great British public take full advantage of the time off and good weather, there aren't many more fitting venues in the city than the Warehouse Project to take the partying to the next level. This second night of their annual Easter weekend sessions see Ape team up with Metropolis.

Arriving in the enormous main room, it is instantly obvious why people come from all over the country for these events - the atmosphere, sound and lighting are second to none. A surprise addition to the already impressive line-up, Artwork, takes to the stage to test the soundsystem's capabilities. Artwork is probably the least well known of the Magnetic Man trio, but no less capable behind the decks. His set is an eclectic mix of dubstep, garage and housey cuts and the audience take it all with equal enthusiasm.

Artwork's production partner Skream is next up on the stage. We know exactly what to expect and, as is standard, he never fails to disappoint. A particular highlight is a full sing-along, lighters-in-the-air rendition of his new release 'Where You Should Be'.

2am rolls around and we're in full swing. The tempo is about to max out and two of the best drum and bass DJs are in the building. Head honcho of Digital Soundboy Recordings, Shy FX, is first to the stage. Bringing his A-game to the table, his relentless mixing keeps the crowd on the crest of a wave for the entire hour - definitely one of the best sets I've witnessed from the veteran.

If Shy FX is King only one man can Ace him. Ram Records owner, and all round legend of drum and bass, Andy C is topping the bill tonight. It’s a flawless set with three decks on the go at all times, making it blatantly obvious why he is still regarded as the top dog after all this time. 2,500 ravers go all out for the entirety and are left begging for more afterwards.

At the end of the night the ravers shuffle out of the makeshift club, frantically chatting about the highlights of the night (Andy C for me) and plans for later. The Warehouse doors are now closed until the annual event restarts in September.

Words & Images: Gary Brown

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