Saturday, 22 October 2011

Now Then Debt Records: Event Photography (Thursday 13th October 2011 @ Dulcimer, Chorlton)

October's Now Then Manchester show at the Dulcimer combined the musical dexterity of Debt Records artists with the linguistic compositions of Wordlife poets. This latest photographic compilation plots its visual path.

The three selected Wordlife poets were separated by a solo set by HoneyFeet saxophonist Alabaster DePlume; James Lock warming the gathering crowd as a seated raconteur. Alabaster then set a trend of performing amid the audience, ranging between delicate and vociferous with acoustic guitar in hand.

Joe Kriss duly followed, recounting poetic tales with eloquent humour.

The prop-wielding Stan Skinny not only introduced himself, but also bagels and tabloid newspapers, earning attention through an observant wit.

Louis Barabbas diverted eyes and ears music-wards with his characteristic rumbustious flair, shifting ambience to rhythmic and feet to jive.

Finally, HoneyFeet hardly need an introduction. Singer Najia Bagi (who will launch her debut solo album at our next Dulcimer showcase on 10th November) describes Rioghnach Connolly simply as having "the best voice in Manchester and possibly the UK - she sounds like heaven." She's not wrong; an enraptured audience wholeheartedly agree.

Images: Nathan Gibson & Ged Camera [as indicated next to individual photographs].
Words: Ian Pennington

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