Tuesday, 25 December 2012

A Grey Lantern Presentation: Psychmare Before Christmas Ft. Hookworms @ Soup Kitchen, 20.12.12

There’s a certain amount of symmetry in that the Hookworms gig finishes in the early minutes of 21st December, the date that the Mayan calendar expires, for there is a degree of cataclysm in the sounds created by the band.

The epic, crushing, noises seem more than capable of destroying the solid brick walls of the Soup Kitchen and most of the Northern Quarter.

The number of pedals, keyboards and other equipment used by the Leeds based band means that there are two guitarists stood off the stage, who are almost enveloped within the large crowd. The enigmatic band only use initials of its five members when in public, so it could be any one of MB, EG, MJ, SS or JW who is stood behind the keyboards. He seems very intense. At times his face is tightly contorted, seemingly with pain, whilst at others his hands will obscure his face in the manner of a footie player just after he has missed an open goal.

The maelstrom of frustration and anger seems to flow though fingers into the amps directly onto the masses, all the while the crushingly beautiful noises flushing out any thoughts, demanding that you focus on the music.

Outside, the rain is cool and refreshing, a respite to the aural assault.

Words & photography: Ged Camera

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