Friday, 20 December 2013

Wanted! Robin Hood @ The Lowry, 14.12.13

Who didn’t grow up watching Robin Hood movies? Well, if you did, you will love the current offering of Robin Hood directed by Amy Leach and produced by the Library Theatre Manchester. And if you didn’t, go already and watch this fantastic action-packed stage production. Schools are out. Holidays are in. If you have children, nieces or nephews they will be thrilled by the antics of the Merry Men led by Robin (Ciaran Kellgren). But don’t get me wrong, it isn’t just for children; adults will love this lively play too.

Wanted! Robin Hood gives you great admiration for the multiple talents of the actors as they take on more than one role in the play. For instance, Peter Landi plays Friar Tuck, Sir Guy of Gisborne and a soldier throughout the production. The designer (Hayley Grindle) has totally wowed us with a most impressive stage: a grand castle replica where Walter Fitzwarren (Emilio Doorgasingh) resides, and where his betrothed Marion of York (Amelia Donkor) is confined. The numerous arched doorways and windows should provide a way out for Marion, but alas, she is still trapped.

The costumes are befitting the characters: the furs and skins from rabbits and deer sported by the men, and the uniforms and spears and helmets worn by the soldiers. Marion’s beautiful dresses, stunning red overcoat and red headgear all make for a gorgeous Marion (Amelia Donkor).

The action, adventure and witty banter are appreciated by the happy audience, who want to see how the play will unfold…will the wanted Robin be caught and hung by the wicked Fitzwarren (the Sherriff of Nottingham)? Will Marion of York be forced into a marriage to the same evil Sherriff? Will Matty and Robert who we meet in the beginning ever be reunited? A must-watch family show of adventurous and action-packed frolics in the forest. Get yourselves to The Lowry before the finish date.

Words: Sadia Habib

Photos: Courtesy of Jonathan Keenan

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