Thursday, 27 February 2014

Review: LVLS - Teenager EP (Self-released)

Manchester-based indie five-piece band LVLS (pronounced Loveless) have just released their new EP, Teenager, featuring the three tracks ‘Echoes’, ‘Suzie Shoes’ and ‘Young & Cruel’. The new songs continue in the same vein as those previously released, with the deep, rousing vocals of lead singer Jay Gibb complemented with refreshingly sincere female backing vocals.

‘Echoes’, the first song on Teenager, inventively and effectively combines layers of sound laced with the effortlessly chantable lyric, “There’s no way out of here”. ‘Suzie Shoes’ is the surprise track of this release, standing out due to its a cappella influenced harmonies which carry the track, and proves that LVLS are about more than standard indie rock. This is in fact what sets the band apart – their ability to begin songs such as final track ‘Young & Cruel’ with unexpected harmonies, then launch into energetic anthems that will have even crowds who are unfamiliar with the band easily and enthusiastically joining in.

Words: Ruby Hoffman

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