Tuesday, 29 April 2014

PINS @ Soup Kitchen, 19.04.14

The eight-song set list is apparently a “short” one as the band has to get to an evening gig in Sheffield. The bright sunlight outside is not a distraction for vocalist and guitarist Faith Holgate, who alludes that the subterranean venue, Soup Kitchen, is quite effective in creating a night-time ambience.

PINS have even arranged for black balloons to be strategically placed around the stage area, and Holgate has black balloon shapes crayoned onto her knees. For this Record Store Day appearance, the venue is almost packed for the 3pm start.

Inserting two new songs, ‘Curse These Dreams’ and ‘House of Love’, into the opening three numbers, rather than slipping them into the middle of the set, could be seen as a brave move by the band. It reflects the overflowing confidence, exemplified when Anna Donigan wanders out into the crowd, guitar in hand, steely glare in her eyes.

A straw poll of (three) people’s opinions afterwards is that their seemingly constant gigging resulted in a taut, well-disciplined and executed performance.

With the balloons packed away in the van the band departs for Sheffield with appreciative applause in their ears.

Words and photos: Ged Camera

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