Monday, 29 September 2014

Now Then Announcement

After a memorable two years publishing 12 issues, it is with a heavy heart that we’ve taken the decision to discontinue the printed Manchester edition of Now Then magazine for the time being.

We are certain that this is by no means the end of our aims to encourage and provide a platform for the independent art, trade, music, writing and local news that we have stood for from the outset. The popularity of the magazine and the positive feedback we receive with each issue is both humbling and testament to everyone who has contributed in any way, shape or form. So we are aiming to regroup and explore our options for the future.

The fact is that it is a difficult task to raise the revenue to sustain a free magazine project with our ethos and print quality. Compromising that ethos and quality has never been an option.

We will be maintaining a presence in the Manchester area, with events and other projects, so keep your eyes peeled for the whens and wheres and for opportunities to get involved.

We are also planning to continue publishing a new issue every two months on our new website, so if you have something to say or would like to highlight a local campaign, good cause or community project then get in touch. We are still here as a source of independent citizen journalism.

Finally, we’d like to offer our thanks to everyone who has been involved up to now. We’d love to hear your stories from the past two years that we’ve been in print, or ideas and suggestions for the future.

So, for now you won’t be seeing us in print, but we've not given up and you’ve not heard the last of us.

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