Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Peter Broderick @ Academy 3, Tuesday 19th October

If you’ve been to a show recently, you’ll have experienced that many of your fellow gig-goers will feel the need to chat throughout a band’s set. Not at a Peter Broderick show. Tonight the audience stands expectant and silent, almost frightened to breathe, gazing in awe at the stage; home this evening to the Oregon-born multi-instrumentalist. An immensely talented individual, the 23 year old’s extensive back catalogue boasts multiple solo releases, collaborations and scores for ballet and dance, which he somehow fits in between touring duties with Danish band Efterklang.

His quiet but confident manner dictates proceedings, as he casually swaps between a cappella vocals, guitar, piano, violin and even a bowed saw. Performing pieces from his Bella Union releases, ‘How They Are’ and ‘Home’ showcases his evident talent as a singer-songwriter, delicately executing picked guitar melodies complimented by warm and soothing vocal lines. ‘With A Key’ revives memories of Sam Amidon, but it’s ‘Below It’ and ‘And It’s Alright’ that are standout crowd favourites.

However Broderick’s appeal isn’t simply limited to his singing-songwriting abilities, the intelligent use of loop pedal adds to the intricacies and beauty of the performance, and the standalone neo-classical piano suites almost make you feel like you should be sat in a concert hall. The audience marvel as wondrous swathes of sound wash around the room, it’s hard to comprehend how one man can be so engaging. To finish, a sound-check tested experiment with support act Takimono caps off an evening of musical wonder, as Broderick strums a simple folk song backed by Takimono’s manipulated delicate echoing piano riffs. A pleasure to witness such talent, musicianship and beauty.

Words & Images: Simon Bray

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