Wednesday, 6 October 2010

PVT @ Deaf Institute, Tuesday 28th September

Australian music hasn’t given anyone much to shout about in recent years - obviously discounting Rolf Harris and Kylie - but it’s with open arms that we welcome back one of the jewels in their crown, the newly titled PVT (previously Pivot, but there was a law suit or something). Touring to support their second album, Church with No Magic, a record that excites, intrigues, broods and swells, released by the infamous Warp Records.

Before we get a chance to hear any of this new material, main support, Electricity in our Homes prove that playing one chord for a minute at a time and singing out of tune aren’t ingredients for catchy song writing.

An expectant audience greets our Australian friends and as the opening track swells into life the excitement grows. Once in full flow, PVT are undeniably epic, layer upon layer of synth wash around the room, while the thick bass line makes everything around you shake. The rhythmic flow of each track deftly executed by Laurence Pike’s drumming combine with the textures of the percussive beats to produce grooves you can’t help but move to, whilst Richard Pike vocal lines float on top of the mass of sound.

It is not only PVT’s exemplary execution of these tracks which impresses, but the technical brilliance that accompanies it, as sounds evolve and grow, each with their own significant role. The bulk of the set consists of material from Church…, but it’s encore track ‘O Soundtrack My Heart’ that really displays PVT’s full capacity as a live band, building to a huge soundscape that sends shivers down the spine; what more can you ask for?

Word & Photographs: Simon Bray

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