Thursday, 29 August 2013

Review: Frameworks & BluRum13 - The Brickbuilders LP (Remixed).

The alliance of Manchester’s own Frameworks and Washington DC’s BluRum13 gave birth to the Brickbuilders LP on My First Moth Records earlier on this summer. The fusion of old-school American hip hop vocals with grooving production beats lead to an audio excursion back to the golden age of rap. Now the upcoming remix LP takes the original greyscale choruses and adds vivid colour in the form of breakbeat backing tracks.

‘Moonlighting’ (Rondos Brothers Remix) and ‘Real Love’ (Blend Mishkin Remix), two tracks of note, receive a bass overhaul whilst managing to maintain the punchy vocals, taking the 1990s backstreet sound and moulding them into the club resonances of the 21st century. The remix album has brought the sound into the current and makes both entities ones to watch in the future.

Words: Charles Veys.

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