Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Review: Temple Songs – Passed Caring (RIP Records)

Nothing represents youth more than a three minute pop song with a big hook about being completely void of care. All the above is captured to perfect extent by Temple Songs on their latest single, ‘Passed Caring’. This song comes three years into the quartet's career and is as riddled with teenage angst as if they started popping spots last week. The release shares in a new wave of lo-fi bands (see Brown Brogues and Splashh) in that, although they contain melody and hooks, there seems to be a conscious effort to drag the sound through the mud and deface any cleanliness. This is perhaps most evident on the ‘Coffee and TV’ Blur-like guitar solo that sounds like the leads are rusted and the guitar has been put through a blender rather than an amplifier.

Yet all the scuzz doesn't pertain towards racket or noise pollution, instead it lends warmth and charm to the track. Temple Songs have succeeded in producing a catchy single that's distorted enough to deter unwanted outsider fans yet its character draws in those who share in the group’s DIY ethos and hope they continue to drag their melodies through the swamp, for here it is done to brilliant effect.

Words: R Miles Sayer.

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