Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Gorton in Pictures by David Dunnico, Part One

To the East of Manchester, Gorton is "one of those places", full of those "sort of people". In other words say the name and it conjures up an image, but an image that is as negative as it's superficial. Gorton has a lot of social problems, but it's also got an incredible history that is still visible, as Now Then contributor, photographer David Dunnico found out.

Gorton Demolished Flats

Wenlock Court is the last of the 1960s tower blocks being demolished. The estate where the first four series of Shameless were filmed is being redeveloped. In the shadow of the tower blocks is the Manchester Climbing Centre.

Gorton Monastery

The Grade I listed building had been allowed to fall into disrepair but is being renovated. Myra Hindley once thought of becoming a nun and went there.

Gorton Payless shop
Never judge a book by its cover, or the best wallpaper shop in Manchester by the decoration. Start talking to Adrian and his brothers and you’re shown the sample books and an encyclopaedic knowledge.

Gorton tortoise
Maximus is a five-year-old Sulcata tortoise. He will live into the 22nd century and weighs 200 lbs. Rob takes him for a walk in the park.

The town’s pubs and clubs face an uncertain future as the ways we mix socially change.

Party Night

Conservative Club

Working Men’s Club

Pineapple pub

Gore Brook
‘Gore Town' gets its name from the Gore (meaning 'dirty') Brook which flows through it. Not how most people picture the area, is it?

On the side of sheltered housing for older people is an arts project to commemorate Beyer-Peacock, the big locomotive engine works which dominated Gorton’s industry.

Belle Vue
This was Disneyland Manchester with a zoo, fun fair and gardens. Now it's a cinema and the nearby Belle Vue stadium has gone to the dogs (greyhounds).

Community Orchard and Debdale Reservoir
Debdale Park is a green space in the heart of the town.

Words and photos: David Dunnico.
David is a documentary photographer from Manchester.

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