Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Gorton in Pictures by David Dunnico, Part Two

Following Part One of David Dunnico's photography feature on Gorton, here is the second half of his photos.

The magazine feature is available to view online here (page 9).

Donkey Sanctuary
A Donkey Sanctuary and assisted therapy centre in Abbey Hey.

Fallowfield loop
Eight miles of off road trail for bikes, horses and walkers, running from Chorlton, through Gorton and on to Fairfield. It was part of the route of the Manchester Central Railway, which was built in the 1890s and closed in 1988.

Gas lamp Parts of Gorton are like a village. It’s been the victim of bad developments in its past.

Statue of Liberty
There are apparently other Statues of Liberty in Paris and New York.

Gorton Cemetery statue
There is a notable Catholic community in the area.


CCTV dishes

Steelworks Tavern
Once, this pub served the workers at the big foundry (now a council depot) that produced steel for the locomotive works. Now it recycles its aluminium cans.

Open soon door
Ready wit and self depreciating humour.

The indoor market was opened in 2008.

Train wheel
One of several sculptures recalling the town’s industrial heritage.

The churchyard of Brookfield Unitarian Church where Richard Peacock (of locomotive works Beyer-Peacock fame) is buried in a grand mausoleum. It declines into picturesque ruin.

Street sign
Gorton has changed over time, but some things remain the same.

Gorton housing
The redevelopment of the 1960s and 1970s is being wiped away. Will its replacement be more successful? Will the people who were moved be able to afford to live in the new Gorton?

Gorton roots
Despite all the changes, Gorton keeps a lot of its traditional character.

Words and photos: David Dunnico.
David is a documentary photographer from Manchester.

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