Monday, 18 November 2013

Fundraising Event for St. Mary’s Hospital @ Ruby Lounge, 31.10.13

Ghoulish figures moved deftly across the floor of the Ruby Lounge on this Halloween night. That’s nothing to do with trick or treating for the kids, this is the real thing. People who haven’t been seen for years have gathered together for the fundraising event that’s hoping to contribute towards a scanner for St Mary’s baby unit, and is linked in with the initiative set up by Clint Boon and his family.

The live sets are short and sweet, allowing the likes of Cornelius Crane to show off the contents of their goodie bag with songs from the past, present and future.

It’s not laughs that the Chevy Chase impostors deliver, but beguiling and enchanting Americana tinged melodies. Supported by the clear soundsystem they draw the ever-increasing crowd closer to themselves, the listeners eager for more.

In between sets, the vast expanse of the musical field is criss-crossed by DJs whose knowledge of the respective scenes is displayed in their record bags. Mark Burgess strides onto the stage to take his place amongst the other musicians, including Yves Altana on guitar, ready to start.

His disgust that this sort of event is required in the first place is revealed before the band starts up. Despite shouts of “In Shreds”, Mark stays away from his Chameleons back catalogue apart from one relatively obscure and seldom played number.

His voice is in fine form as he delivers lines such as, “It’s a long time since I was this fucked out of my tree / It’s a long time since I swam this river.” Difficulties are dealt with as a matter of routine, so that when a drummer can’t make it, two others swap between songs. It seems that as long as the Burgess/Altana axis is there, everything else will flow sweetly around it.

Is it really 11 years since I last saw Dub Sex play, when everyone else is quoting 24? Ah well, the advantage of taking pictures proves I’m right and I caught them at the Roadhouse in 2002 playing at Alex’s birthday bash. Despite having seldom played or released new music in over 20 years, the band can still draw upon a fervent support to witness them. After that period of time, changes to the line-up are inevitable, and for this performance Mark Hoyle, Cathy Brooks, Chris Bridget and Mark’s son Stefan are all included in the line up.

‘Instead of Flowers’ begins proceedings and it’s clear that the intensity and passion is still present within Mark Hoyle. His face contorts whilst his upper body twists with the menace that can still generate fear. Even asking “Are you having the time of your life?” seems to be a threat.

The band has been practicing for a few weeks, still respectful of putting on a decent performance for those who have paid. ‘Swerve’ is last up and is met with cheers of recognition from friends and followers who think they can do no wrong. It’s only a six-song set, and with the possibility of more gigs to tie in with a forthcoming compilation release, there may be more dubious sexual pleasures to be had in the near future.

Words & photos: Ged Camera

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