Monday, 11 November 2013

Review: Deadbear - Wabi Sabi (Art Is Hard Records)

A name like Deadbear would suggest we have ourselves a grubby garage band. This alongside the fact the EP is named Wabi Sabi, which means the acceptance of imperfection, and it’s all a little baffling. But take a listen and this is on the flip side. ‘All is Life’, featuring the corrupted vocals of Egyptian Hip Hop’s Alex Hewett, is four minutes of craftsmanship and unadulterated brilliance.

Tracks like ‘Uncanny Valley’, ‘JapanEatHotel’ and ‘Snow in Toyko’ all benefit from Deadbear’s ability to play around with hi-hats and structure samples so adequately. The results are fascinating. The title track is a clear winner, rough and irregular but with a subtle intimacy and euphoric charm. One man’s ingenuity and self expression could be another man’s mess, but music knows no boundaries and this EP is a perfect example of that.

Words: Emma Louise Milton.

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