Sunday, 10 November 2013

Review: Aka Hige - Opening (Self-released)

This is one of those projects that doesn’t hinge solely on recorded music – there are various creative outlets produced alongside the release – art and design prints, short stories by Bad Language and #FlashTag writers, illustrations and a launch night AV spectacle at an unused office space in Piccadilly Place.

The music itself flickers in the shadows, sometimes offering little more than a sub-bass heartbeat and the occasional twitch, and at other times shuffling along with relatively upbeat synth-led glee. Its mood swings are minimal, but its overall personality is certainly stabilised by the launch night setting. Within those bounds – walls covered with plastic lining, yet to be unwrapped – the music bounced menacingly, yet the fantastical always glimmered as vibrant colours hazily illuminated the darkness, shining a light on this journey across various realms of pensive electronica.

Words: Ian Pennington.

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