Thursday, 6 March 2014

Review: Beach Skulls – A Different Kind Of Smooth EP (Cheesus Crust Records)

Surf rock duo Beach Skulls have again brilliantly illustrated their own unique dream pop sound on their latest EP. Unarmed with complicated production or instruments, the songs give us stripped down and honest sounds. Much like their music the boys are laid back and grounded, with their passion going into their songs rather than a constructed image.

A Different Kind of Smooth has an air of surfed up jazz and the two best friends’ laid back approach to life comes through effortlessly within dreamy riffs and lofty vocals. Although individual – ‘U Were Mine’ hitting tones of melancholy while ‘Looking From The Water’ has a lighter touch – the tracks all culminate in the duo’s most chilled and arguably most accessible EP to date. Wistful guitars and soft drums leave you thinking of summer days, making this release one to listen to in order to see us through these cold winter months.

Words: Tilly Sharp

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