Friday, 21 March 2014

Review: Deathcats / The Fruit Tones - Thplit Tape (Fuzzkill Records)

Scottish independent label Fuzzkill Records’ recent split single Thplit Tape offers sample tracks from Glasgow band Deathcats as well as Manchester-based The Fruit Tones, the two having just completed a miniature tour together at the end of February. The two tracks by Deathcats, ‘Dreamz’ and ‘Alligator’, demonstrate a clear mastery of forward-moving indie garage sound, with the vocals of James McGarragle meshing well with guitar riffs and symphonies.

The latter three tracks are by The Fruit Tones. ‘Just Feeling Lucky’, ‘Chicken Lollipop’ and ‘Will My Life Live Without Me’ provide an appealing, tropical pop sentiment to the record, contributing to its overall upbeat sound. Both bands rely on their strong sense of instrumental prevalence, but while they appear to have a clear grasp of their genre, there’s nothing terribly revolutionary about either’s sound that seems destined to stand out amidst the ranks of countless others on the indie circuit.

Words: Ruby Hoffman

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