Monday, 10 March 2014

Review: We The Dead – Victor (Victoria Warehouse Records)

To paraphrase Iggy Pop, a good song should have ‘a good hook and a couple of good tricks’. I would like to apply that principle here regarding Victor, the latest four-track EP by We The Dead.

Some quite impressive art work wraps up this release which has obviously taken some time and consideration and you would think that there is a similar craft in the music because, well, somebody does.

‘Dule Tree’ kicks in well early on, and stays that way. It’s probably their live set closer. The other songs are okay but they need a couple of new tricks. ‘Thelema’ does its best to try and do that, which might be a way forward. Otherwise, it’s hard to differentiate between the tracks.

By the third track, ‘A Tomb For The Moon’, the guitars are getting obvious and closer ‘Let Me Be’ almost shares the same licks. By that point, those plaintive but slightly obvious keyboards get a bit annoying. I am sure Korg have a few more presets than that.

The only thing missing is what Mr Pop would call a hook. On this showing, We The Dead need that and a spark because, currently, it’s one dimensional.

Words: Dave Jones

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